I have known Dr Horn for around 6 years, and in that time he has treated me with injections around my eyes, frown lines and forehead. My previous job involved travelling the country as a Business Development Manager for a skin care brand. I used to recommend Dr Horn to the beauty salons that I visited all over the Midlands. The standard of the treatments , and the level of professional care are fantastic. I now have my own beauty salon and Dr Horn treats lots of my clients for both dermal fillers and wrinkle rducing injections. I would not consider going to anybody else and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Niki Stinson

Director of Sugar & Ice Beauty

Dr Horn has been treating me for over 3 years now and every single time every treatment is perfect, exactly the results that I want. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met whilst at the same time being extremely professional. For this reason when setting up my new hair and beauty salon, The Looking Glass, my business partner and I looked straight to him to be our salon Doctor. He now holds regular clinics at the salon. Our clients are always happy and made to feel at ease immediately, he also treats many of my friends (one of whom travels from overseas so he can have Jerry treat him). His kind nature and advanced skills make him the only choice I would ever make for myself, never mind my friends and clients.

Victoria Parkes

Salon Owner and Beauty Therapist at The Looking Glass Birmingham

I can remember saying I would never have aesthetic treatments, never interfere with the natural ageing process but after squinting all summer long and being left with permanent squint marks between my eyes I went to visit Jerry who had been recommended by a close friend. I explained my main concerns and the sort of look I was after and after a few quick injections I was back in my car and on my way to work. It took a couple of weeks for the full effect to take place and I was over the moon. Everyone commented on how well I looked. The best effect for me was the lifting of my eyebrows. I’ve never had shapely eyebrows before and it made such a difference to my face. I would chuckle to myself every time someone asked if I’d had my eyebrows shaped! It’s nice waking up every morning with a fresh face. My confidence has increased and my skin texture has improved.

Thank you Dr Horn. Amazing results from a very simple procedure.


  My beautiful wedding and my more confident self

I couldn’t believe how confident my treatment made me for my wedding photos. My husband and I decided to get married in New York and kept it as a secret from all our family and friends. But we really wanted to ensure that they could share our happiness through some fantastic photographs. Over time I had become less interested in having my photograph taken and was really starting to feel less confident with the way I looked and felt.

I debated over a few months whether to start having treatment. I even had a consultation at two other surgeries before I approached Dr Horn. But our approaching wedding made me take the decision to try it. A colleague at work had received treatment from Dr Horn to soften the fine lines around her mouth and was really pleased with the results, she gave me his contact details with a glowing reference.

I approached Dr Horn and had a free no obligation consultation with him. I really didn’t know what treatments were available for what and although I had done some research I needed to hear it directly from a practitioner. He explained about the different treatments available and what each one was used to treat. He explained about the medical uses of Botox (which I wasn’t aware of) and explained what some of the side effects can be. I actually decided before I left my consultation that I was going to come back and have some treatment. I really did want to look my best from our wedding. So, I decided to have treatment to softer the wrinkles in my forehead, smooth out my frown line between my eyebrows (which was quite deep), soften the fine lines around my eyes and have dermal fillers also. All of which involved a number of painless injections to the named areas of the face. Obviously having the amount of treatments I had was more costly than just having one or two treatments done but I really did want the best I could get for our wedding.

I have never looked back. We received some lovely compliments about our photographs and many comments about how fantastic I looked. I was brimming with happiness and was so happy about the decision I made. It felt really natural, and not over the top at all.

I have returned for treatments on a couple of occasions and on each one Dr Horn’s conduct and care has been second to none. He explains throughout what he is doing, and continually checks to see how you are feeling. His after treatment care is excellent also. He will contact you to see how you are getting on, how you feel and are you happy with the results. His discretion and client confidentiality is also first class.

I am really pleased that I chose to go to Dr Horn. Mainly because I know it will always be him that I see and as a practicing GP his medical experience and background makes me more confident in receiving a safe treatment and service. For me visiting him at his surgery is much better than visiting a salon.



When I first booked in with Dr. Horn I really didn’t know what to expect. A friend of mine who also is a patient of Dr.Horn recommended him to me. I was sceptical, as a few years ago I had some treatment from a different place and found it very uncomfortable and the results weren’t very impressive. I have to say how delighted I was after visiting Dr. Horn, after a short consultation I had some treatment, which was very quick and painless. Once the treatment took effect the results were fantastic and I was really pleased. I had several comments from friends but no-one could actually guess what was different, it was all really positive and I felt great. A couple of weeks later I booked in again to have some dermal fillers to the the nose and mouth area, once again it was fairly painless and well worth it, the result could be seen immediatelyand I was really pleased.

All in all the treatments exceeded my expectations by far and I will definitely be returning for further treatments. I highly recommend Dr Horn to anyone who is thinking about having wrinkle reduction injections or filler treament.



Wife persuaded me to give it a go as I was feeling a bit low about how I was looking and I have to say at first I was very sceptical about what the results would be. I couldn’t be more pleased though. It’s made a real difference and I’m delighted. Doc Horn made me feel really at ease with it. John H